Give your residents perfect home internet.

As specialists in the residential market, homes for sale, rent and retrofitting, ClearFibre brings one of the best residential connectivity experiences on the planet to your properties.

Guaranteed ultrafast speeds,
Wi-fi in every room,
Live from day one

Simple as that.

The fastest speeds in the UK today and we're breaking boundaries

With a starting speed of 250Mbps and upgrades to 500Mbps and 1Gbps available, there is no stopping you from the amount of surfing you and your family can do.

All at the same time… guaranteed no buffering… we deliver what we say on our tin. Period.

Connecting homes all over the UK with ultrafast, full-fibre internet services.

Why? Because we can and no one else is doing it the way we believe it should be done. With guaranteed speeds, guaranteed from day one, with a guaranteed service and a service and support team that answers your call in less than 30 seconds, our service is unrivalled.

Value for money

We know that times right now are tough. So we are offering the best service any ISP can offer today at great value for money - we will not be beaten on price or serivce. We know how critical internet serivces are today now that more people are working from home, so we ensure your entire home and building is covered and we also put in a back-up service to make sure your service stays up 100% of the time, or you get money back.

Other add-on services

We also make sure you get all the great content that you would expect from a great ISP From Sky Q, to Netflix, to Amazon Prime, Now TV and Freeview TV all across our IPTV platform. With great partnerships with all the right companies, all we need now is you to make that triangle complete.

The UK's fastest broadband network that delivers what it promises. Clear. Simple.

We give great value for money our customers tell us, so were shouting about it because they say we should. Try us, test us… you have nothing to lose and the fastest internet speeds in the UK to gain…

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