Perfect home landline 

Save on phone calls with the power of full fibre broadband

Keep your handset and your phone number. Make unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles with our optional ClearPhone service for just £10/month.

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Build your own Bundle

Our ClearPhone service is just as easy to use as a normal landline, only cheaper and with no line rental.

Simply choose the broadband package that suits you, then add-on a ClearPhone plan to create your very own broadband and voice bundle.

Phone only

Just want a full fibre powered landline without the broadband? No problem!

Simply choose a ClearPhone only package as a stand alone product at checkout and we’ll connect your property with a full fibre phone line. Broadband can be added in the future at the click of a button.

ClearPhone advantages

ClearPhone offers incredible value with loads of other advantages, like free call features that most phone companies charge for - all for £10/month. 😍


No line rental


Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles


Receive international and UK calls


Keep your handset and phone number for free

(number porting takes 12 days)​


Voicemail - with forward to email notifications


UK based technical support team on hand to assist with any issues

How ClearPhone works

The technology​

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables your full fibre broadband to carry voice calls. We provide a phone adapter which converts home phone signals into signals your router can understand.​

Unlimited calls​

Our fibre optic network connects your home directly to the internet, avoiding the need for expensive, copper wire phone lines and infrastructure. That means you don’t need a landline, and we pass those savings on to you to make unlimited calls - no surprise bundle charges!​​​

⚠️ In case of emergency

Our ClearPhone service requires a working broadband connection and electricity to power the phone adapter. If there is a broadband failure or power cut, your ClearPhone service will not work. In case of an emergency, you must always have another means of making calls such as a mobile phone, to contact Emergency Services.

If you have a healthcare or medical alarm, you will need to check with your alarm provider that it will work with your internet connection.

Want cheap calls?

Add-on a call plan for just £10/month