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Escape your contract, without breaking it

Are you stuck in the broadband past, with slow speeds, an unreliable service and a copper connection? To top it all off does it feel like you’re in an unequal and unhealthy relationship with your current service provider who just takes but never gives? 

Well, we have some good news for you … We've got the key, we've got the secret.

Switch broadband provider today

It’s super easy to switch your broadband provider to ClearFibre – even if you’re still in contract 😲.

With Switch Now, ClearFibre will give you up to 9 months service, free of Qualifying Service charges², so you can test drive our100% full fibre = for free alongside your existing old connection, while your current contract ends.

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Ditch the broadband glitch and make the broadband switch today!

Why switch to ClearFibre

Hyperfast, full-fibre internet

ClearFibre customers have full fibre optic cabling installed all the way to their property unlocking speeds of up to 1Gbps as standard.

Symmetrical speeds

We provide a connection with equal download and upload speeds which means no bottlenecks or buffering.

No limits

Stream, browse, download and game to your heart’s content with no data limits and hyperfast connectivity.

How to claim your Switch Now discount

Activating and claiming your Switch Now discount is easy - 


Let us know that you’re interested in switching but already in contract with someone else by submitting a Switch Now request. To be eligible for Switch Now you’ll just need to send us proof of your current broadband contract (check out our FAQs for further guidance) prior to ordering your service.


Depending on when the minimum commitment period for your current contract ends, we’ll give you up to 9 months of ClearFibre service free of Qualifying Service charges to see you through and bring you firmly into the fast lane.


If you can ‘Switch Now’ our team will provide confirmation that your property has been moved into the Switch Now promotion, after which you can continue to place your order for a ClearFibre service through the normal checkout.

Done 🥳

Welcome to ClearFibre! Once you’re up and running you’ll be able to switch fully to ClearFibre in advance of your existing old contract ending, so when it does end you can just leave it in the past and move on into your full fibre future (just be sure to cancel with them when the time comes as some providers may move you straight into an out of contract plan)

Submit a Switch Now request

Enter your details and let us know how long you’ve got left on your current broadband contract. If we’re available at your property, we’ll give you up to 9 months of FREE 🤩 ClearFibre service so you can escape your contract without  breaking it!

By submitting these details, I acknowledge that my personal data will be processed by ClearFibre in accordance with the ClearFibre Privacy Policy.

Too good to be true? 🤔

🥰 We just want you to break free

We don’t believe you should be penalised for having an existing connection, as for most potential ClearFibre customers this will be the first time you’ve had access to a game changing full fibre connection. As such you shouldn’t have to wait to switch away from your existing old copper service just because you happen to be in a relationship with your current provider.

Give ClearFibre’s full fibre broadband a test drive, for FREE, alongside your existing connection, and if you’re not sold on it during the first 30 days, you can leave us with no exit fees – or difficult breakups, with our 30-day We’re Sold  period.

It’s time to see for yourself why ClearFibre is the only Gig in town.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the switch?

Switching to the ClearFibre fast lane couldn’t be easier – regardless of your current contract. You can start the switching process up to 9 months in advance of your connection being installed (with nothing to pay until your service goes live and current contract expires).

To start the process simply complete the Switch Now form above - one of our team will be in touch to take you through the rest of the process.

Will my service be down while I switch?

We run our own, 100% independent network, which means there’s absolutely no need or reason for downtime when you switch. Two different networks, one in the past and one in the future, so nothing to prevent your switch up to the fast lane.

Once your ClearFibre service is installed, you can choose when you go live.

You can either:

  1. Request for your ClearFibre service to kick in just as your current service ends (simply pick the day in advance).
  2. Have your ClearFibre service go live the day of install  and run both your slow copper connection alongside your fast full fibre connection until you’re ready to make the full switch.

How quickly can you connect me?

We always strive to install your full fibre connection  as quickly as possible, with average install times ranging from 7-14 days post order (sometimes as soon as the very next day if we have availability)

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be given access to our install availability and can choose an installation slot and a time that suits you. Installs themselves usually take between  one and three hours depending upon the arrangement of your home.




1. depending on how long is left of your minimum commitment period with your current broadband provider – see Clause 1.2 of our Switch Now Terms & Conditions.

2. When we say “free ClearFibre broadband” we mean “free of ClearFibre Qualifying Service charges”. For the purpose of these Promotion terms and conditions, “Charges” means the monthly charge payable for our broadband services, but excluding any static IP address fees, battery back-up unit fees, installation fees, activation charges, fees for additional telephone plans, fees for any calls that are not included in your relevant broadband services package and/or any other charges/fees related to our broadband services or other services.